Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from CRI to you! Here's a message from Rev. Joseph Gitau Wainaina, the head of the Kenya distribution center, on the impact that you've made in Africa. 

We here at CRI-Kenya have been a beneficiary of three containers of Bibles and Christian literature. This has been a huge blessing to our community of Maai-Mahiu which has a population of more than 80,000 people. With the resources from CRI, we have been able to give Bibles to about half of our population. This is something that would not have been imagined before but it has taken place in one year because of CRI donations. We are very grateful to God about this.


Because of the many good books that we receive from CRI, we have been able to open a resource center for the community. Any person from the community and beyond can come to our resource center and do their studies and research using our books. This is unheard of in Kenya. Pastors and Christian leaders have no excuse of not preparing well for their sermons and teachings since they have the materials to help with that.


Oh my, it’s very difficult for pastors and Christian leaders to get even a study Bible. Most of the pastors earn less than $100 a month. With that amount of money and a family to take care of; leaves them with no room to buy books. We have been able to give more than 500 study Bibles to pastors who have never owned one. This is hard for the American to grasp this since almost every church member has a study Bible. Without CRI, all these pastors would have remained the same.


We are honored to serve as the National director of CRI in Kenya plus training Pastors with the basic knowledge of the Word of God for free. We just held our first graduation of 26 pastors who would have never stepped into a college due to limited education that they have and the lack of finances. We are excited about what the Lord is doing in Mahi-Mahi town and in the whole of East Africa.


Yours in Christ,

Rev. Wainaina

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