Testimony from Rwanda

Another wonderful story, this one from a brother in Christ in Rwanda we were able to donate to. What a testimony!

Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus our Redeemer!

I am writing to acknowledge receipt of the package containing a beautiful leather cover Bible (NKJV) and the Pilgrim’s Progress as well as 22 booklets of How to Know God.

In fact, the first Bible (NIV) I got from you impacted enormously on my life in a such a way that I started witnessing not only within the school where I am currently teaching but also in my village where I gather some neighbors and tell them about God’s love to the humanity.

This new Bible (NKJV) will help us ( my dear wife and me) to study the Word of God diligently as it has center-column references, translation notes, textual variants, concordance and maps.

As for the Pilgrim’s Progress, our 15-year daughter will use it to familiarize herself with English language at the same time to learn the story of Christian’s spiritual journey from sin to salvation.

Regarding the booklets ( How to Know God), I will give them to my students in the Bible Study group that I started in our school.

In a nutshell, you have seriously contributed to the transformation of our lives by providing us with the rich study Bibles.

May the Lord continue to increase your income in order to continually minister to us until our Savior comes back to take us to heaven.

Your brother in Christ,


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