Executive Director Jason Woolford

Rev. Jason Woolford came to Christ during his service in the United States Marine Corps. At the time, he had no idea of the scope of God’s plan for him and his future family. Jason excelled in a series of executive careers after the Marine Corps, but there was something missing for him in the corporate world. He felt an emptiness he couldn’t explain. Jason eventually found himself in Michigan for a business opportunity, and it was at that time that he received the call to full-time ministry. He enrolled in Bible College and got on the pastoral track and now holds a Masters in Divinity.

While working full time in the ministry and in corporate America Jason jumped head-first into ministry and hasn’t looked back. He’s been a drill instructor with the Mid-Course Corrections program for Youth for Christ. He traveled on a pastoral missions trip to Russia, Siberia, and Tuva where he preached in former communist halls and taught a leadership program to over one-hundred pastors. He’s appeared on several Christian television networks where he has discussed the importance of seeing yourself as God does, the healing of their daughter from Lupus and their son from a Cancerous Inoperable Brain Tumor. He has held crusades in Africa and continues to preach across the United States and Internationally. From friends, family to Hollywood celebrities Jason has been able to share the transformative and healing power of God in his life and the power of the WORD of God. He is married to his lovely wife, Maria, and has three wonderful children: Jenna, Jason II, and Juliana.

Reverend Jason M. Woolford was appointed Executive Director of Christian Resources International in the fall of 2010. CRI, which was established in 1956 with the mission of “Reclaiming God’s Resources for HIS Purpose” and shipping those materials to missionaries around the world. This God given mandate has served to train and equip pastors to do the work of the ministry and to help disciple new believers by getting them the Word of God, by Sharing, Sending and Sowing. In 2009, Rev. Woolford and his wife Maria heard the Spirit of God prompting them to step out in faith and called them out of a very successful corporate business situation and into full time ministry. A year after submitting to that call, God through His Faithfulness and His Grace opened the door and they accepted their new role as leaders of CRI and have not looked back. Last year the CRI ministry team sent out just under $5.8 million dollars’ worth of Bibles and teaching tools around the globe by sea container, trains, and planes and even by mule back.

If you would like to have our Executive Director Rev. Jason Woolford come and speak please view the following for shows or preaching he has done.